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An NFT power player, who owns a whopping 57 Bored Apes, says he accidentally he lost $150,000 on a joke auction bid

A major NFT investor who owns 57 digital artworks from the Bored Ape Yacht Club said he lost $ 150,000 in a joke bid.

Twitter handle @franklinisboredSaid he jokingly bid on the so-called Ethereum Name System (ENS) domain and lost 100 ETH. This is basically a readable cryptographic wallet address created as an NFT.

He seems to be ridiculing how some users do this often, creating fake domains with fake bids and Twitter bots EnsBidBot Tweet about the offer.

ENS domain A way to translate complex wallet addresses in the crypto world so that they can be read more easily. Addresses are usually 42 characters long and start with “0x”. This is a bit like how a traditional website uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to translate a browser’s regular .com domain name into an IP address that helps your computer find the website.

If you’ve seen someone like a comedian Jimmy Fallon And actors Anthony Hopkins The Twitter profile name has “.eth” at the end. This can be the domain name of the ETH cryptographic address.

according to Molly white Caldwell’s blog, “Web3 is on the right track,” keeps the world on the lookout for cryptographic stories. Caldwell created an ENS domain called stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth and bid 100 ETH. in addition.

He thought he laughed at the end when someone offered him 1.9 ETH, or about $ 2,900, for something equivalent to a joke. Caldwell forgot to cancel the offer, so he accepted it before he realized he could turn off at 100 ETH.

The person put the money in his pocket and sold the domain name back to Caldwell. Caldwell immediately went to Twitter to mourn his mistake.

“No, I lost 100 ETH” He posted on wednesday. “I was celebrating a domain sale joke and sharing loot, but in a greedy dream I forgot to cancel my 100 ETH bid to buy it back. This is this century. It will be a fumble of jokes and bags. All of the jokes and criticisms. ”

He also said he had refunded 1.9 ETH to that person and wasted it in the hope that they would return the entire offer. Sellers using @ 8892OS on Twitter Tweet accordingly“I tore this guy with 100 Ethereum, did he send me another 1.9?”

Caldwell did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for an interview.

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