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An Interview with Nas Bogado – when music photography meets the NFT future, launching DIY Crypto Punk featuring American Teeth

American Teeth NFT Art by Nas Bogado

Latinx-Trans Photographer, Nas Bogado He made his NFT debut with the release of the fascinating NFT photo series DIY CryptoPunk. The first set in the series, which captures “a unique presence and environment inspired by technology,” features musicians. American Teeth..

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nas Bogado is known for his vibrant work with music artists such as: Meg Myers, Royal & The Serpent, PHEM, etc. A creative entrepreneur who has worked in the music industry for several years, Nas Bogado connects with music artists to create meaningful and impactful art. From album artwork and logo design to photography and music videos, Bogado is empowered in every aspect of his creative strategy and direction.

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When Bogado jumped into the NFT, he was able to chat with artists about this new and exciting digital world taking place on the blockchain.

“I wanted to capture the emotional turmoil that accompanies dealing with the reality in which we live. Encapsulating the divisional struggle and constant meta-growth we are facing is In the end, “fuck the system” or one. ~ Nas Bogado

Grimy Goods (GG): How did you get started with photography / creative direction?

Nas Bogado ((((NB): I don’t know how to answer because I feel that I have progressed naturally in my personal life. Being an only child really burned the fire with my imagination, lol.

GG: Please tell us about your first shoot.

Caution: My first real shoot was actually a romantic relationship where my girlfriend at the time was my muse for years.

GG: What made you make a leap forward in creating NFTs?

Caution: I like the idea of ​​solidifying digital art. The ability to trace a series of works to a legitimate owner is likely to lose it in the future and the endless “World Wide Web” … later found on Pinterest boards without credit or sources, lol.

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GG: Simply put, how do you describe NFTs for those of us who don’t speak NFTs?

Caution: Unique code attached to digital or real-world assets – it’s secure.

This is a very convenient way to connect the points between the two worlds we are in, as we have entered a very digital economy.

Example – When NAPSTER first appeared, millions of teens (including me) were illegally and constantly downloading music for free. This ultimately had a direct impact on and hurt artists and labels. The industry has declined, welcoming digital distribution (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and forcing a new direction. Currently, there is a blockchain available to track owners with built-in digital rights protection. NFTS is a more direct system, in favor of the creator, not the intermediary. I really feel that this will be one of the biggest game changers for the music industry.

American Teeth NFT Art by Nas Bogado
American Teeth NFT Art by Nas Bogado

Caution: What tool do you choose when creating an NFT?

Caution: Currently I have a camera, a pencil and a pen, and a handy program — I mainly use Photoshop. We will release the first NFTS through

GG: Which artist inspires you?

Caution: The artists I work with play a big role in my life. S / O Meg Myers, American Teeth, Buzz, Royal & The Serpent, Phem, Colyer and many others who trusted me and led your world of Lil.

Another exciting area for me is film (which I plan to transfer this year). It is a very big work by Gaspar Noé, David Lynch, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and George Lucas.

Movies – Doom Generation, Lost Highway, Requiem for a Dream, Love, Donnie Darko, Trainspotting, The Lost Boys, Fallen Angels, Prometheus, Star Wars, THX 1138, and many more – some of these effects Can be seen in some of my works.

I also listen to a great many music artists such as Burial, Joy Division, Washout, The Cure, Bauhaus, Drama, and Jadu Heart. The list continues, but I have a very eclectic hobby (laughs). Big in the 80’s.

GG: Do you think NFTs are here in the long run?

Caution: I will do it. There are still many adjustments that need to be made, especially when it comes to environmental impact. Like the one born, it still has a huge development period with its own set of growth pain.

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GG: What advice do you have for artists entering the world of NFTs?

Caution: Study! 🙂 It’s still a very playful environment and there are many ways to release from platforms, media and more.

The 4-piece NFT series using Nas Bogado’s American teeth is available at the following URL. Foundation.. More art is being included in the work, and they are “excited to step into the film and want to potentially make a short.” Pay attention to the space of Nas Bogado Foundation Also Instagram About the latest update.

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Art Credit:

Artist / musician
American Teeth

Creative direction / photographer
Nas Bogado

make up

Art club
Ash Davis

Studio / location

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