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Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ mocks Donald Trump’s NFT collection with hilarious announcement

W.hen Donald Trump’s New NFT Collection When the news story broke, most people thought it was a joke. There are parody sites that specialize in this kind of jokes all the time, but slowly everyone realized it was real. One of his works of art is an image of. donald trump Wearing an American flag as a cloak, he reveals a striking red superhero suit with a buffed-up physique. . playing cardspeople were clearly referring to Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ and their Homelanders character. right?

homelander actor anthony starr Quickly pointed out this particular obvious parody NFTs Even the creators of the show wanted to participate. But The Boys’ marketing team had other things in store for this blatant piracy.All jokes aside, what is the show Vought International The Twitter account did a great job of explaining how Donald Trump’s environment can be surreal at times. homelander Introducing digital collectible cards! Celebrate the life and crime-fighting career of a great hero by owning his authentically irreplaceable JPEG. Buy now with 777 VoughtCoin while it’s still available!”

Donald Trump’s NFT goes up in value

Indeed, many of those who purchased these Donald Trump NFTs are fans of the former president. It’s true that many of them bought these as a joke. Donald Trump NFT Because this doesn’t happen very often.As a result of this, the NFTs actually sold out and more than doubled in price. $99 per piece.Just one day later they $230 each. It’s an impressive jump, but NFTs trying to look impressive are still priced very low.

In addition, there are many twitter Online accounts and trolls reproducing these NFTs In different shapes and sizes, just to piss off the former president.they reconsidered them with morbid obesity donald trump It wouldn’t surprise anyone if they sold for even higher prices. that’s right, “The Boys” Amazon Prime The show is grateful for all the free publicity it gets from the former president.


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