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Altbase to Launch New Mobile App Build

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Altbase has announced that a new mobile app build will be released soon on BSC. Altcoin exchange Competitor player. In previous apps, users could completely exchange their native token $ ALTB for an array of token options listed on Altbase, including some altcoins that are not currently available on most recognized exchanges. We are checking the redeveloped platform.

Tokens derived from 100xCoin confirmed the move to Altbase a few weeks ago and have the ambition to be the best altcoin exchange with platforms that have been developed since its inception. Binance smart chain.. Tokens have recently increased in price five-fold following a 25BNB repurchase carried out by the team to gain better market value before the new app was released.

Run buyback + new mobile app

Buybacks were carried out in preparation for the upcoming launch of the new mobile app, and 25BNB soared, causing a cascade of purchases to pursue efforts. $ ALTB Prices range from a 24-hour low of $ 0.0028 to $ 0.015, retesting the market capitalization of $ 7 million and a daily volume counter of $ 250,000.

The new app will be available on both IOS and Android as well, and new users will need a validation process on both platforms. This includes applying a valid phone number from the list of accepted countries. This will send you an authorization code that will allow you to proceed to create a PIN for users to log in frequently.

The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface that can be operated in dark or light mode at the user’s choice and can be used in a variety of bright environments.Users can also track themselves send When receive The amount of past transactions and price fluctuations of the listed coins including the prominent coins $ BTC, $ ETH, $ BNB, and $ DOGE. The app gives users the option to customize their wallet address contacts and add their email address and name to the saved address.

Credit and debit cards will be available in the new app. This is probably the most important addition to the build, allowing users to buy the cryptocurrencies listed in Altbase directly in cash. This is the company’s first step towards making $ ALTB tokens a widely available pairing token on altcoin.

CEO update video from Ken Llamas

Ken Llamas, CEO of Altbase, said video To help release new enterprise-level app builds, we’ll update the community about recent developments in the community and the transition to a more focused structure of projects. An internal team reorganization was carried out using five current back-end developers and two UX designers, and a financial reorder was made to maintain the company’s funding.

Ken recently missed social media because management needed a proper turnaround as a result of past FUDs related to the company, and the Altbase team refocused on projects and immediate proposals. I will explain that it was completed. Altbase aims to move the project direction away from the status of Memecoin and put the app offering and future NFT marketplace at the forefront of proposals, so the decision to move away from its predecessor 100xCoin is updated video It is emphasized in.

The conclusion of Ken’s video goes on to announce their efforts to keep the content structured by updating the community with weekly progress every Monday. The app currently has 30,000 users and will soon be able to benefit from the new application. In addition, when the mobile release is released, $ ALTB and JunkieCatNFT owners will receive future offers.

Use Altbase and $ ALTB tokens to shed light on Altcoins

Altbase’s vision includes becoming a reliable platform for buying and selling complete exchanges of Altcoin, Memecoin, and DeFi ciphers made possible by the partnership program and regular token listings. The team is in the process of launching a new app build, moving the project to Phase 2, and deploying additional platforms such as: NFT Marketplace and cross-chain interoperability.

$ ALTB Once Altbase obtains the exchange license, it becomes the primary token for all transactions and pairings, not $ BNB. This means that DEX will be given a green light to become a full-fledged trading platform. This adds significant usefulness to the token and can result in volume when future pairings are performed. It is also used as a loyalty reward and can be redeemed once earned.

Token owners are granted access to the product suite provided by Altbase DEX, including an array of goods, services, and available token options. With the implementation of decentralized exchanges, users can expect new altcoins to be listed on a regular basis once development is complete.

The next step following the release of a new app

Altbase worked to create an NFT marketplace after the application was released, allowing digital creators to sell exclusive art on a platform available to $ ALTB owners. Users can purchase these NFTs on the open market and resell them at their sole discretion. The release of a new mobile build is the first step in making Altbase a full-fledged exchange, and with faster transaction upgrades, new apps may keep recent price fluctuations positive.

Altcoin Exchange Innovators Joined Coinpresso: A Cryptographic Marketing Agency Offering Digital Marketing Strategies Through: Cryptographic SEO, Web development, and content marketing, help put DEX in a prominent position.

Altbase is always looking for projects that offer potential in the altcoin market. With new mobile build moments from release to the open house, and the recent increase in $ ALTB market value, DEX products have the potential to become potential game changers in the world. Cryptographic exchange.

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