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Actor and Filmmaker David Bianchi Previews His Web3 Series ‘RZR’

As Hollywood continues to roll out the red carpet for awards season, actor and filmmaker David Bianchi will be inviting celebrities and guests to attend a public table reading for his upcoming series ‘RZR’ on Monday night. So another red carpet rolled out to Web3.

“I believe that within the next three to five years, everything we interact with – music, movies, intellectual property, even information systems – will be tied in some way to blockchain mechanisms.” says Bianchi.

Table leads are a distinctive part of the film and television development process, giving the cast, crew, and creative team the opportunity to hear the script read aloud. These readings are usually done behind closed doors on the soundstage. Bianchi said this is what he wanted to change.

Read in RZR table

what’s wrong with this [table read] Are we making it public?” Bianchi said Decryption at an event. “In the spirit of decentralization, we do everything openly. I am very confident in the material and very confident in all our partnerships,” he said.

RZR is set in a dystopian Los Angeles filled with neural implants, hacker culture and black market criminal intrigue. Bianchi plays Grimm, a war veteran and engineer who uses neural implants to augment his body and access the web, similar to Netrunner in Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

“I’m always a ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Mr. robot with little ‘Children of Men’ sprinkled on top,” Bianchi said.

old bianchi credit The origins of “RZR,” which includes Syfy’s “Resident Alien” and USA Network’s “Queen of the South,” say it came from a conversation with Gala Film COO Sarah Buxton in the summer of 2022. Bianchi wrote the script for the series, put together a team of creators, and created two ‘RZR’ NFT drops.

First launched in 2019, the Gala is dedicated to Web3 games and entertainment. “RZR” will be produced and distributed by Galafilm.

“We are proud to be working with David to produce this project, continuing our mission to bring creativity to both established and emerging artists,” said Gala COO Sarah Buxton. COO Sarah Buxton said. Decryption“This is our first project under Gala Film and we are pushing the boundaries of how Web3 entertainment can be delivered to our audience, and we look forward to future projects.”

Filming on “RZR” begins next month, with a premiere date later this year. Noelle Hubbell (“Don’t Worry Darling,” “Superstore”) produced her Gala Film, while CAA’s Claire Koonce (“Black Panther,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) cast her I will serve as a director.

“RZR” aims to be firmly rooted in blockchain technology. Digital currencies are nothing new in the cyberpunk genre, with the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 and Westworld, but RZR centers around digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

a non-fungible token, or NFTs, enabling collectors to transparently provide proof of ownership for digital art, music, data, in-game assets, personal records, and more. Over the last few years, filmmakers, musicians, and others have been working to connect directly with fans, allowing them to own a piece of the film or access aspects of it, not just to raise money for their projects. I’ve seen using NFTs as a method. The shooting process including meeting with the director, cinematographer and production designer.

“Intellectual property has always been an issue, so I believe the ability to create scarcity and have immutable technology that cannot be manipulated, destroyed or destroyed is absolutely essential to the film and entertainment process.” he added. That blockchain freed him from the need for side hustle.

Bianchi said that “RZR” was fully funded and that “RZR” NFTs were sold to build engagement and community for the project, but that the project did not rely on the NFT’s desire to pre-sell. I’m here.

“Almost every other independent filmmaker in the field sells NFTs based on speculative projects,” he explains. “Once you sell a lot of his NFTs, you have to expect to make good movies and good shows…you have to expect it to be solid, to be distributed.”

According to Bianchi, his project has already been greenlit, production has begun, and will be distributed on Gala Films at a later date using a “major” streaming service that has yet to be named. Guaranteed.

“We are offering the NFT community and potential owners something much more attractive and profitable.

“We found the blockchain and NFT community to be very influential, sophisticated, tech-savvy, young, hungry and interested in high art,” added Bianchi. “I think all of this combined makes for some incredibly delicious gumbo that the potential of blockchain brings to cinema.”

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