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Activision reportedly eyeing “NFT inclusion” in future Call of Duty games

Activision reports that it is considering including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in future Call of Duty titles, as insiders claim they are currently under discussion.

NFTs have been all the rage in recent months, but we rarely come across project announcements without some controversy.

Whether it or not Suspected fraud Also “Cleansing” marketing campaignMany of the top numbers in the industry Raised a voice to Cryptocurrency-based schemes especially related to video games.

In fact, Valve Completely banned NFT games on Steam, one of the largest distribution platforms today.

The wave of controversy is nearing its end, but Activision is reportedly looking at ways to implement NFTs in its largest franchise, Call of Duty.


Can the CoD store quickly fill up with NFT-based items?

Reports arrive via “Ralphs Valve,” which appears to be an industry insider. a lot of CoD-specific Intel In the last few months.

In a post on April 4, they claimed that “the inclusion of NFTs has been reported to be considered by Activision.” Nothing has been decided yet, and it looks like it’s pretty early in the pipeline, but it’s said to be still being discussed.

“NFTs have been considered and considered for months,” they said.Given the Recent repulsion However, in many NFT-based game projects, there is always the possibility of “failure”.

With the envisioned plans in place, it is not possible to know exactly how NFTs will be integrated into the CoD series. In this fictional future, we could see everything from weapon skins to calling cards offered via the blockchain.

A broader UI “overhaul” is reportedly underway, and Activision is trying to “personalize” user accounts more than ever, so NFTs are one such way to make it possible. It may be one.

Obviously, for now, it’s all worth taking with a lot of salt. In the light of enough NFT dramas in the gaming industry, these alleged conversations may have already ended.

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