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A.R. Rahman Launches Music Metaverse Platform ‘Katraar’

Oscar-winning Indian music director and composer AR Rahman entered Web 3.0 on his 56th birthday with theCatral“, a metaverse platform for other musicians. Katraar not only has its own productions, but also showcases musicians from around the world.

of immersive The platform, which is in the development stage, will allow musicians to upload their work and squeeze money out of it, making it a long-term sustainable revenue model for future talent. I am building a project with it and it will be available on the Hedera Network.

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Catral Combine music, art and storytelling with metaverse features. NFTsIn Tamil, the word katrar means “a group of learned people who can change the world,” said the “loha” music composer.

The evolving music metaverse

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Several prominent Western artists The metaverse of music. To create NFTs from concerts, Katy Perry partnered with blockchain video streaming company Theta Labs. Today, Metaverse concerts are also very popular, especially in the wake of the pandemic.Justin Beiber, Travis Scott, and the Astroworld team are among the musicians performing in Decentraland, Sandbox, and other virtual worlds who have delivered incredible performances in the game Fortnight. one of him. In the world of digital art and his NFTs, music videos also have a lucrative bid. For example, Canadian musician Grimes sold an original video NFT for his staggering price of $6 million.

Returning home, early April 2022, Tamil singer Karthik has launched a music NFT on Jupiter Meta, India’s first NFT marketplace. especially, metaverse is changing the music landscape by creating countless opportunities for new independent musicians, from bridging the gap in streaming services to NFT bands. The Metaverse is indeed the future of the Internet.

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