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A Groundbreaking NFT Collection by Graphic Artist Christiaan Rendle

Press release

Published January 23, 2023

Conceived and designed in a rehab facility, Drunk Robots take the digital art world by storm with their unique illustrations and stories

Graphic artist and software developer Christiaan Rendle has released a groundbreaking new NFT collection called “Drunk Robots” that is rapidly taking the digital art world by storm. Conceived and designed during his rehab, his collection of 10,000 digital pop art NFTs feature exceptional illustrations and 100% original hand-drawn art. Each robot has over 150 attributes and visual traits, each completely unique, with 3.2 million possible combinations.

Lendl explains: No laptop, no internet – I didn’t even have a TV, so I have a lot of time to reflect. Drunk Robots” was born. ”

Within 24 hours of the release, all 10,000 NFT tokens were created and the project started. It now spawned a thriving community and reached a market cap of over $500,000 in its first two weeks. With this success, Rendle is expanding the project with additional partners to create merchandise, games, energy drinks and graphic comics. The team now plans to bring the robot to his NFT London, New York City and Miami.

The robots have fascinating backstories and each one is a unique and quirky robot powered by the next generation SUDO AI chip. Tokenized holders on the Ethereum platform have verifiable ownership of scarce digital assets on the most popular blockchains and can buy, sell and trade on all his NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Rendle said: The robot put it down. ”

For more information on Drunk Robots, please visit: Or contact Christian Rendle. [email protected] This collection is also available on OpenSea at the following URLs: and on social media When

About Drunk Robots NFT

The brainchild of graphic artist Christiaan Rendle, Drunk Robots is a successful global NFT project. Drunk Robots is his collection of 10,000 pop art generative NFTs with stunning illustrations. The complete collection consists of 100% original hand-painted art. In addition to the beloved NFT, the brand is expanding to include merchandise and other upcoming NFT projects.

media contact
company name: drunk robot
contact person: Christian Lendl
Email: I send a mail
Country: America

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