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7 Crypto Projects That Were Total Scams (February 2022 Edition)

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Do you know that NFT project, the boring Ape Yacht Club? If so, but I like …. Have all the apes been jacked?

When the Jacked Ape Club was launched, it promised to sell 8,888 NFTs and was inspired by Bored Ape Yacht Club, the largest NFT collection in existence. But these apes have been jacked. An ape tied to swollen muscles like hell. Unfortunately for those who invested, it all collapsed.

When only 3,200 NFTs were sold, the founders “burned” the rest of the supply and told everyone that the project was completely sold out. So 13 types of wallets We received a large amount of cryptocurrency payments totaling $ 1.4 million, leaving only $ 530 left for the project.

The co-founder of a project named Dylan claims that his project is not a scam, but he Big payment.. The payment went to salary, as he claims. However, Dylan states that “it has nothing to do with the project anymore.”


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