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7 Best Altcoins To Watch and Invest in During Presale 2022

One way to get into the top altcoins early is to invest in the best pre-sale crypto investments of 2022. Since the pre-sale is the first stage of the crypto token investment process, investors may enter early and experience significant growth in their assets.

In this guide, we review the 7 best altcoins to watch and invest in during the 2022 presale.

7 Best Altcoin Presales To Invest In 2022

Top altcoin presales offer investors a crypto that offers multiple use cases at a low price. Here is a list of 7 altcoins presales that you might buy in 2022.

1. Tadpole

It is recommended tamadoge (TAMA) is the best altcoin to buy during the 2022 presale. This is a play-to-earn (P2E) platform that allows participants to earn in-game crypto rewards. Tamadoge, an NFT interoperable cryptographic network, uses smart contract functionality to create a virtual dog-like avatar as his NFT.

Players can breed these characters and use them to compete against other players for points on monthly leaderboards. Top performers will be rewarded with TAMA, Madoge’s native cryptocurrency. Tamadog’s pets can be purchased at the Tama Store using his TAMA. Here his 5% of all tokens spent are burned.

The platform recently hit its beta cap goal of $2 million in 10 days and is on track to raise a total of $19 million in the pre-sale phase.

hosting best crypto airdrop, Tamadoge will give away $100,000 to one lucky TAMA presale investor (minimum investment in TAMA is $100). The token supply is 2 billion, with 20% of all coins reserved for his future CEX and DEX listings. Recently popular CEX, LBank murmured Once the pre-sale is over, we’ll review the plans to deploy Madoge.

This cryptocurrency is CoinSniper KYC verified and audited by Solid Proof.

participate egg telegram channel To keep you up to date with all the latest news and information related to this new crypto project. Telegram admins never send you a DM first. Beware of spoofing and use pinned messages as official information.

2. Battle Infinity

Next on our list of altcoins to watch during the presale battle infinity – Another P2E gaming platform. Battle Infinity allows players to participate in multiple of his P2E features such as the IBAT Premier League (NFT-based sports fantasy league).

Another interesting element in the game is the battle arena, a virtual ecosystem where players take the form of virtually created avatars created using the ERC 721 smart protocol. NFTs can be purchased using Battle Infinity’s native cryptocurrency, IBAT.

Players purchase IBAT from Battle Swap, PancakeSwap, and LBank. Notably, IBAT tokens ended his 90-day presale in his 24th. Investors are currently enthusiastic about investing in IBAT.

Like TAMA, Battle Infinity’s IBAT has also been audited by Solid Prood and KYC verified by CoinSniper.Subscribe to Battle Infinity to get the latest updates telegram channel. Telegram admins never send you a DM first. Beware of spoofing and use pinned messages as official information.

3. Lucky Block

lucky block is an NFT-based competitive platform where players can participate in the weekly Main Draw and NFT Draw to win up to $50,000. At the heart of the ecosystem is his LBLOCK, the leading utility token.

After completing the pre-sale early, LBLOCK launched its ICO in January 2022, up 1,100% in two weeks after going live. Additionally, on August 14, 2022, his LBLOCK price increased by 24%. Lucky Block recently launched his second version of Token, his ERC-20 protocol primarily used for CEX.

LBLOCK’s V2 token has been deployed on CEX, including MEXC and LBank, leading to continuous price increases.

Lucky Block will also be listed on in September, ranking 5th among crypto exchanges by trading volume on CoinMarketCap.

Listing on a Tier 1 cryptocurrency exchange could lead to LBLOCK retesting ATH. So while this may not be an active pre-sale right now, it will be the catalyst for some bullishness in the coming months.

4. Dad’s Board Token

Dad Bods (DADBODS) Token is a new altcoin created in 2022 as a beginner cryptocurrency investment opportunity. The crypto platform envisions creating an ecosystem to support the artist in creating her NFTs, as well as creating a product line.

The tradable NFTs and commodity lines will eventually be traded for a native crypto token, DADBODS. Currently, DADBODS is allowing investors to purchase tokens in a pre-sale. You can buy 170 million coins in this round. In total, DADBODS has a total token supply of 10 billion.

With a hard cap target of 200 BNB, DADBODS has already collected over 40% of that target. Investors can learn more about DADBODS by visiting the CoinSniper presale website.

5. Seed Collector (WORDS)

Next on our list of altcoins to watch during the presale is WORDS, the native cryptocurrency of the post-apocalyptic zombie game known as “Seed Collector”. Players are hired into a “Seed Phrase Recovery Squad” and their task is to retrieve recovery stages for other clients.

The game’s top performers will have the chance to win rewards in BNB, ETH and MATIC. WORDS will launch its pre-sale on August 17th, with a cap of 3 billion tokens for the pre-sale and a total supply of 10 billion.

Interested investors can start trading with a minimum purchase of 0.2 BNB and a maximum of 2 BNB.

6. Baby Ape Coin

ApeCoin has emerged as one of the best new altcoins and as the official utility token of one of the most popular NFT collections, the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC). However, investors who missed out on the success of the ApeCoin ICO can invest in his BEP-20 token, Baby Ape Coin (BAPE), which appears to capitalize on the success of the Memecoin brand.

BAPE tokens offer static rewards and encourage long-term ownership. The sale or exchange of $BAPE will be subject to 15% tax, of which 4% will be distributed to token holders and 11% will be used for marketing and liquidity.

7. Estate X

Another choice for the best altcoin presales to watch is EstateX. This is an upcoming decentralized crypto project that aims to make real estate investments highly transparent and accessible on a global scale.

EstateX provides opportunities for partial co-ownership of real estate. That is, multiple people can hold shares in one property of hers. Property shares can be bought and sold in ESX, the project’s native cryptocurrency.

Finally, the EstateX project Best DAO crypto project Towards 2022, as holding ESX tokens also grants voting rights to token holders.

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