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6 of the Biggest Crypto-Heists of 2021

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Oh, crypto. We have all heard the fascinating and utopian etiquette sung by the evangelicals of digital currencies. change the world (Or as a BitConnect person Once you put it in, “The world is no longer like it used to be!”)!this is Revolutionize finance (There are no more banks)!that is Make you Damn rich, stupid! It’s all good. Still, there are probably other things you can do: Empty your pockets, trolling the streets of the nearest city and sing the blues of the time when hackers saved your life.

It is a well-known fact that fraud and theft are common in the cryptocurrency industry.Reports from various guard dog groups Indicated The less regulated situation in digital finance is that it is full of crime. That’s what happens In an unregulated industry.Adds diffusivity to it Weaknesses of cybersecurity A horde of crypto infrastructure, a horde of money-hungry cybercriminals scrutinizing the internet for insecure hot wallets and zero-day exchanges, and what you have is the perfect recipe for robbing your shit.

Rip-off and theft Deterioration,not good.according to Research Issued by Cryptohead In August, this year was one of the worst crypto hacking and robbery records, with about 32 incidents reported, with associated losses of about $ 2.99 billion. .. This is a clear increase from last year’s number, up 40% from the incidents reported in 2019. And since the publication of the Crypto Head report, only a few of the exchange hacks have continued to prove that their core dissertation is correct.

In that spirit, let’s look back at the six biggest rip-offs of the 2021 cryptocurrency.


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