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6 Crypto and NFT Projects From March 2022 That Were Total Scams

Image of 6 ciphers from this month that was a complete scam and an article titled NFT Project

screenshot: twitter

The scammers behind the Buccaneer Finance, also known as Buccaneer Fi, Peck shieldWorth about $ 352,500.

The project’s Twitter, Telegram, and website have all been removed, but the archived version of that website is Internet archive..

“Buccaneer Finance [sic] An open source and well-audited contract, “the website read. That’s it, right?

But the best quote from the website may be a silly claim that Buccaneer coins are completely tax-free. This can only be decided by the government.

“The team has decided to develop Buccanner Finance into a tax-exempt product. The best products are zero-tax products and we don’t want high taxes to be a burden to investors,” he said.

Fraudsters have sent fraudulent profits to Tornado Cash, one of the services used to launder cryptocurrencies, making it difficult to track where stolen money goes. And while $ 300,000 isn’t that much compared to many other hacks that happened this month, it can be easy for unobtrusive theft to get lost in the noise of terrible cryptocurrency headlines.


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