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5 Best OpenSea Clone Script (Comparing Companies)

Hello, I’m Todd from London. Some time ago we accepted the implementation of the NFT Marketplace project. It was very challenging, but I knew I could handle it, so it could be a perfect resume.
This process required me to send a message to the NFT Marketplace development company, asking for pricing, demos, and suggestions for their products, including offering prices to my employer. Take a look at them and the features developed so you can deliver the project the way your employer wants it.
After doing these things and offering projects, I thought my experience might be useful for someone who wants to start their own NFT marketplace.
The point is that you don’t have to create your own team to start a project like OpenSea. Many companies that offer these services can meet your expectations.
Below are the 5 companies that offer the best OpenSea clones in my opinion. Firms with higher product quality to price ratios than others. At the end of the article, we have included an infographic to help you make a decision.

1. Radindev
First of all, among the companies I reviewed, radindev is the best company in the NFT space. During the meeting, I asked for part of the source code, but of course he didn’t, but when I checked part of the code with him at the online meeting, I somehow understood it. Their coding is clean and open to customization. RadinDev uses Nuxtjs to develop their frontend platform to be SEO friendly and fast. Also, they have developed his NodeJS backend and worked in the blockchain sector with Solidity.
The interesting thing about RadinDev’s opensea clone script is that it provided the most similar clone script to opensea compared to other clone scripts. Both include a number of wallets, blockchain networks and features.
Metamask, Coinbase wallet, Trust wallet, Wallet Connect, Venly, Bitski and Phantom wallets are software supported wallets.

RadinDev also designed an application using React Native for this marketplace, which is none other than the original OpenSea.
In short, if you’re in love with opensea and want to have one, the best answer to your needs is the dedicated RadinDev platform.
Blockchain developer Ladin has priced the product at $9,000 to $14,000, with prices increasing as features increase. Radindev uses his Erc-721, Erc-1155 and Erc-998 standards for NFT network infrastructure.

Page URL:

skype: skype:live:.cid.d3b92d682355ed8e?chat

Applicodes Company

2. App code
Appkodes is another prominent cryptocurrency company that started its activities in 2015.
The company’s professional technical team has made it one of the best in the field.
I couldn’t check the code in a live session, so I can’t comment on the clone scripts created by the appkodes team. The clone script designed by the appkodes team is written in next.js. This, like the Radindev team, is SEO friendly and one of its positives. Currently, only Metamask wallets can be used with this software.
The design team at this company decided to use node.js for server-side programming. This seems like the right decision.
The great UI design of the appkodes team is one of the good things about this team. And the $15,000 to $25,000 price they charge is a little higher than their competitors.
Also, the appkodes team has not yet developed an application for the NFT Marketplace.

Page URL:

skype: live: appkodesales

Matitz Company

3. Mattitz
Maticz is one of the oldest blockchain development companies. This company has created a variety of products for the NFT market and is ahead of others in the number of demos.
The years this company has been in web design and development have made it one of the best.
Regarding code cleanliness, it has not been very successful and there is still room for improvement. Like appkodes, Matix does not design applications for Opensea clone scripts. This is considered one of the company’s weaknesses.
Only Metamask wallets can connect to Maticz’s NFT platform. Maticz developed opensea using Reactjs. React is his one of the best his JS libraries, the most popular and supported by Facebook. The weakness of Maticz’s software is that its use of Reactjs and lack of an SSR framework complicates the SEO process. SEO has a higher conversion rate than other methods and is one of the most effective marketing techniques for increasing traffic to your site.
The maticz OpenSea clone script cost simulation platform is around $10000-20000.

Page URL:



4. Clarisco
Clarisco, like Maticz, is one of the companies with a history in blockchain and digital currency development. It also occupies a good spot on this list when it comes to visual design. Clarisco, like Radindev, has been able to adhere to coding standards in the design process of opensea clone scripts and has so-called clean code.
I designed the platform using Reactjs and Laravel.
They claim that they will support Metamask, Coinbase wallet, Trustwallet and Wallet connect to their OpenSea clone scripts and offer them as features according to their needs.
Clarisco has set the price range for its NFT marketplace at $17,000 to $22,000. They use two standards for their token infrastructure, Erc-721 and Erc-1155.
I think Clarisco is second only to RadinDev in providing the best answers to their customers about opensea clone software. is to use. This makes the process of understanding search engines from your site difficult and slows down your SEO.
Clarisco has also designed and made available to purchasers specific applications for Opensea.

Page URL:

skype: skype:live:62781b9208711b89?chat

high balance company

5. Hybrance
Hivelance is the youngest company on this list to start operations in 2020. Hivelance has demonstrated its quality to its competitors in the NFT space since the beginning.
Currently they only use Metamask for their openea clone software.
In a meeting with Hivelance’s sales team, they didn’t give me the exact price of the product. They specified a range of $10,000 to $35,000 for it, with the $10,000 price including only basic features and being more expensive than the rest.
During online meetings, they refused to explain and present their code, and did not share detailed information about the framework that developed the opensea clone.
The Hivelance team has not designed an OpenSea clone app yet, but it will be developed soon.
They develop their token infrastructure using only the ERC-1155 standard, which is a weakness compared to other competitors.

Page URL:

skype: skype:live:.cid.8e890e9d0810f62c?chat

In this article, I tried to give my opinion on these five companies without any orientation, relying solely on my observations and experience. If you want to create OpenSea-like software for buying, selling, and creating NFTs, chat with them again, see the demo for yourself, and make the final decision.
I hope you found this article useful.
I wish you luck.

Comparison chart of opensea clone script companies


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