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4 Stocks That the Rich and Powerful Bought in Q1

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With markets 6 and 7, it wouldn’t be a problem to look at the stocks that the rich buy and add to their portfolio. The problem is that information about popular major investor stocks is often very inconsistent and polarized. So we chose four strains that are currently popular among Wall Street whales. In addition, we have contextually explained how each stock can be played for optimal profit.

Personally, I enjoy cyclical value stocks and am pleased to see some of Wall Street’s largest investors choosing the same strategy. Circular values ​​provide the highest long-term risk-to-return profile and then the highest probability of achieving alpha.

But let’s get started without any further delay. The four rich and powerful stocks we bought in the first quarter (first quarter) are:

Ticker Company price
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation $ 70.64
NIO NIO Inc. $ 18.44
C Citigroup Co., Ltd. $ 51.81
GME Gamestop Corp. $ 126.54

Stocks bought by the rich: Occidental Petroleum (OXY)

The magnifying glass zooms in on the Occidental Petroleum (OXY) website.

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Legendary investor Warren Buffett soared in the first quarter Equivalent to $ 4.5 million of Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY) Stocks. Buffett’s main attraction is reported to have been the company’s strong financial statements. It’s easy to see why Buffett values ​​the financial stability of a company. For example, OXY exceeded its first-quarter revenue target as follows: 9 cents per share Among the solid operational capabilities of DJs, Delaware and the Midland Basin.

OXY shares are filled with intrinsic value as the company’s incredible quarterly cash flow. $ 3.3 billion It adds many entities to its value outlook. In addition, stocks are traded below fair market prices. OXY stocks are traded at a normalized futures price-earnings ratio. 85.02%Gives a deep value outlook for stocks.


Nio (NIO) sign outside the company's facility in Shanghai, China.

Source: Andy Feng /

Purchased by Cathie Wood Nio (NYSE:NIO). First quarter inventory.Founder of ARK Invest With inventory in the oversold territory, Nio decided to offer good value to the money. Nio offers long-term growth opportunities. In short, equities can combine cyclical and super-growth prospects.For example, Nio’s year-on-year revenue growth rate 1.22x Realized during the recession.

From a short-term perspective, Nio’s May deliveries surged 38%, Equivalent to a 4% year-on-year increase. NIO stocks have a lot of potential offshore as China’s supply chain slows down. In addition, the company is one of the few automakers not facing rising wage demand as China’s inflation rate remains at mere levels. 2.1%.. In this way, I think Nio is using price arbitrage to expand its performance.

Stocks bought by rich people: Citi (C)

The Citigroup (C) logo is displayed on the side of the company's office building.

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Add another Warren Buffett, Citigroup (NYSE:C). As a periodic play, it’s hot stock at the moment.Buffett Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A,BRK.B). Almost devoured $ 3 billion The value of C shares in the first quarter embodies the classic Buffett value play. Share C is a cyclical value play that can generate excess returns over the next few years. Rising interest rates could spur the bond market, reduce bank wage claims, and then amplify Citi’s final earnings.

Share C is undervalued.First of all, stocks are traded at 1.75x Book value discount. This means that the investor has not fully set the asset-based price of the company.Second, the dividend yield of C shares 3.89% It provides the prospect of generating solid income and represents management’s confidence in the future financial success of the business.

Gamestop (GME)

GameStop (GME stock) logo outside the store

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Ray Dalio has invested in meme stock. Yes, you heard that right. The Bridge water Founder purchased more 4,000 Stocks GameStop (NYSE:GME). First quarter inventories surprised most market participants. GameStop’s transformation is fascinating to me.Matt Farlon, CEO of the company Recently expressed an opinion: “Our growth and the launch of new technology products such as digital asset wallets and the upcoming NFT market show that we are really beginning to transform.”

I don’t bet home on GME stocks.However, add oversold stock to the acquired portfolio 41.47% Year-over-year growth in earnings before interest and tax does no harm.

At the date of publication, Steve Booyens did not hold any position (directly or indirectly) in the securities described in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and Public guidelines..

Steve co-founded Pearl Gray Equity and Research in 2020 and has been responsible for institutional equity research and public relations ever since. Prior to establishing the company, Steve spent time engaging in various financial roles in London and South Africa. He holds a Master’s degree in Investment Banking from Queen Mary University of London and is working towards his PhD. Finance seeks to challenge the well-known Pharma-French 5-factor pricing model by incorporating ESG factors. His articles are published on a variety of reputable web pages such as Seeking Alpha, TipRanks, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga. Steve’s article on InvestorPlace forms an interesting juxtaposition of mainstream opinions and objective theories. Readers can expect coverage of frequently traded equities, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, and ETFs.

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