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25,000 1/1 Tokens for Sale on

Loveland, Colorado, March 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Established Colorado Art Gallery earlier this week Galleria Rodrigo Announcing the release of the expected SoulDay ™ NFT Art Collection. A large collection containing 25,000 unique ERC-721 tokens featuring colorful skull art is on sale Ethereum blockchain..

SoulDay ™ is a rare collection due to the size of the 25,000 1/1 tokens and the uniqueness of the artwork, as well as the rarity within the collection. Token holders with over 2,000 unique hand-painted features can expect artwork features that rarely occur, or perhaps only once, within a collection.

SoulDay ™ token sales are set up as a lottery system. When you purchase a token, the image and associated metadata will be displayed to the owner within 24 hours on the popular NFT marketplaces such as: Rarible.com When OpenSea.io For owners to manage, collect, or sell.

SoulDay ™ was created by the collaborative efforts of imaging scientists and artists. We used the database to secure 25,000 1/1 tokens without duplication, proving its rarity within the collection. In addition, the unique “SHASUM” value for each token is categorized in the database to verify its authenticity. Owners can use tokens to get 3000 x 3000 larger native resolution artwork for use in marketing, broadcasting, or home decor.Larger artwork will soon be available to owners SoulDay.io..

Galleria Rodrigo smart contract Ethereum blockchain, The company plans to create 250 tokens for the company’s investment. Galleria Rodrigo has so far created 125 tokens and chose to participate in the remaining token lottery system. The company is a strong supporter of NFT Space and announced that some of all token sales will return to Space to help support emerging artists.

Soul Day ™ tokens are now available for purchase at SoulDay.io.. Alternatively, advanced users can mint directly into Galeria Rodrigo’s smart contracts. Etherscan.io.. This agreement allows users to create up to 25 tokens per wallet address to ensure a fair chance of rarity within the lottery. Currently, SoulDay ™ tokens cost .08 ETH, but Galeria Rodrigo has announced a pre-sale of .05 ETH for a limited time.

Galeria Rodrigo expects SoulDay ™ tokens to sell out and encourages users to invest early. The company has chosen to keep the project’s long-term usefulness and community completely open, and to maintain the discretion, creativity, artistry and flexibility of the Ethereum blockchain of token holders. Owners are encouraged to follow the progress of Galleria Rodrigo within the Metaverse. This includes the announcement of the virtual art gallery and future NFT art projects currently under construction.

Please contact us for more information press@galeriarodrigo.com..

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Original SoulDay ™ NFT Art Collection: 25,000 1 of 1 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

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