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100 Fastest-Growing Digital Brands Include OpenSea, MrBeast Burger, Quince

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Brands like OneHome and RocketHomes are designed to help buyers find a home directly rather than working through a traditional realtor.

According to Shah, this approach has appealed to many buyers over the past two years, including those who were cheaper and relocated to remote locations in the United States as remote work became more commonplace. These small areas have brought a lot of growth to the brand, some of which previously focused on populated areas.

“Many of them are trying to make the home buying process easier, eliminate brokers, and make it more direct,” she said.

“Instead of letting realtors rob you of 6%, you can now avoid it,” she added.

Shah said there may be a second action for these companies if they realize that workers need to relocate for more face-to-face work.

“It will be interesting to see what happens to these markets in 2022, especially if there is a hybrid model or a return to full work,” she said.

1. Onehome.com

Traffic: 80.2M

Year-on-year: + 3,577%

2. Lofty.ai

Traffic: 1.2 million

Year-on-year: + 882%

3. Ah4r.com

Traffic: 8M

Year-on-year: + 523%

4. Tripointehomes.com

Traffic: 3.9

Year-on-year: + 364%

5. Onekeymls.com

Traffic: 2.9M

Year-on-year: + 349%

6. Rockethomes.com

Traffic: 28.1M

Year-on-year: + 331%

7. Bexrealty.com

Traffic: 14.5M

Year-on-year: + 323%

8. Offerpad.com

Traffic: 3.8M

Year-on-year: + 210%

9. Hellolanding.com

Traffic: 5.7M

Year-on-year: + 192%

10. Realty.com

Traffic: 2.8M

Year-on-year: + 165%

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